Snakerunner is a modern day interpretation of the classic “Snake” game, popularised in the late 90′s by Nokia mobile phones; but originating much further back in the era of 8bit home computing.

My first experience of the game was on the ZX Spectrum, playing Atlantis Software’s Rattler, written by Chris Steel; and I have had a love for the game ever since. It was well implemented and easy to pick up, but was insanely difficult on the later levels.

Snakerunner places you, the player, at the controls of a small ship who’s mission is to dart round the arena at full speed and try to collect as many spheres as possible. Once collected, the spheres are towed behind your ship.

Each level has it’s own array of challenges.  Ranging from reaching specified scores, gaining a snake of a specified number of units, or even performing tricks.  Achieve enough of these, and you will unlock the next, trickier level.


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