Bitmap Font Creator

A Handy little utility which can take a normal Windows TrueType font, and work a little bit of magic on it; transforming it into a magnificent full colour bitmap font for you to use *FOR FREE* in your own projects.

I originally conceived this idea after trying to modify one of Scraggle’s Bitmap Fonts to use for a Game title. “How cool would it be”, I thought, “To have a Utility which could not only created a 10 x 10 bitmap font grid (like Scraggle’s) but also create a game title in the same font, just a larger size”; so I started to make this.

The following image is an example of a typical font set output from the Bitmap Font Creator.

When creating a font set like this, you get to control/edit all aspects of the font from it’s size and typeface, to the colour and thickness of the outlines and shadows.


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