Our first mobile game, a simple and fun shooter based affair. This is aimed for completion at the beginning of Q2 of 2012 and will be available on Android and iOS initially, but possibly other platforms as well.

The player takes the role of a small robot, whose job it is to keep the floors clear of the slime which drips ever closer from the ceiling.  It does this by shooting at the slime as it advances.  The robot can also travel left and right across the screen.

As the game progresses, the slime drips faster. The player is also helped and/or hindered by pickups which drop from the top of the screen.

The player accumulates score for each second of game time passing, for destroying a slime unit, for picking up certain power-ups.

The game is over when the player allows the slime to touch the floor.


Breaking News:

As the project deadline draws closer, It’s out pleasure to tease you slightly with some “In dev” screen shots of what we have done so far 🙂

 These first couple of screen shots demonstrate the splash/load screens.

Many of the graphics you see here are incomplete, works in progress or just plain placeholders.



 Here you can see the animated loading screen.

The “Twirler” here is just a simple rotating sprite but it is one of the things bookmarked for improvement if there is time leftover at the end 🙂



This is the main UI screen, from here you can access the Help/About menu, the Options Screen, the Trophy/Achievements menu as well as Play a game of Slimeblast or exit out.


This is the Help/About menu, pressing either the “?” or the “i” buttons will start a text scroller.  The tick closes the panel and returns you back to the main menu. 


 This is the Options screen, here you can change the volume levels of the music and in game effects.  (The images will all line up in the finished game)


You can win trophy’s by playing the game, what they are all for is detailed on this screen.


 And finally, this is the current game screen.   On devices without keyboards then the player controls the game using the on screen thumbstick in the bottom left of the screen, and the fire button in the bottom right.

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