Best QR

Best QR is a handy app for scanning and creating QR codes with your Android.



Percentage Resolution Tool

PRT allows you to quickly and easy convert pixel values to and from percentages, based on a target screen size.



Best Night Light

Best Night Light uses your phone’s screen to illuminate a room using any of 3 different light modes.

Android iOS


Ninja Name Generator

Join the ranks of the Ninja, the legendary warriors. Simply enter your name, or the name of your friends into the box and press the Go! button to discover their Ninja Name. You can then share this name on Facebook by pressing the share button.



Bitmap Font Creator

A Handy little utility which can take a normal Windows TrueType font, and work a little bit of magic on it; transforming it into a magnificent full colour bitmap font for you to use *FOR FREE* in your own projects. I originally conceived this idea after trying to modify one of Scraggle’s Bitmap Fonts to use for a Game title. “How cool would it be”, I thought, “To have a Utility which could not only created a 10 x 10 bitmap font grid (like Scraggle’s) but also create a game title in the same font, just a larger size”; so I started to make this.



Atlas Image Generator

After discovering the ease at which TGC’s App Game Kit can use Atlas Texture files, we found the need for a little app to create a datafile when provided with a sprite sheet straight from the artist.Hope you find it as labour saving as we have.



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