Keepy Uppy is the classic playground game, bought to you mobile by Warriors of the Cucumber. It’s easy to pick up, but challenging to master.

Android iOS
Colour Name Quiz Advance

Test your knowledge of colours with this fun and addictive game.

DGT v3.0

Dave’s Game Template v3.0 is the DNA of our games, the bare bones building blocks used to craft and create the awesome apps and games you have come to know and love from the WOTC

Windows, iOS & Android

Snakerunner is a modern day interpretation of the classic “Snake” game, popularised in the late 90’s by Nokia mobile phones; but originating much further back in the era of 8bit home computing.My first experience of the game was on the ZX Spectrum, playing Atlantis Software’s Rattler, written by Chris Steel; and I have had a love for the game ever since. It was well implemented and easy to pick up, but was insanely difficult on the later levels.

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