Three Samsung S22 pluses displaying Loomy night light in various modes.

Loomy Night Light uses your phone’s screen to illuminate a room using any of 3 different light modes – Night Light, Mood Light and Lava Lamp. Each mode is customisable and can be set on a timer up to 8 hours, or be left on all night with ‘infinite’ mode.

Loomy also now includes a selection of white noise or ambient background sounds. These can be selected from any light mode, and play until the timer runs out or the light is cancelled. The background sounds are ideal to help calm your mind and relax you before going to sleep.

A photo of Loomy Night Light running on an iPhone

Night Light

The Night light provides a soft and gentle light. It’s bright enough to see by but is not bright enough to dazzle you or anyone else.

  • Use it to read with before bed
  • To get undressed without disturbing a sleeping partner
  • Checking on or feeding your baby
  • To chase away bad dreams and help adults and children alike to sleep better.

And once the selected time has passed, it simply fades out and exits the app.

Mood Light

Mood Light – The Mood light displays the colours of the rainbow, either randomly or in order. It can add ambience and atmosphere to a room.

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp -Choose from a large selection of pre-set colour schemes, or create your own, then sit back, relax and watch as the screen swirls and whirls.

Loomy Night Light is available now, for free on Google Play, Amazon and Apple…

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