Warriors of the Cucumber was founded in 1989 by David Hobbs whilst he was still in school. Originally writing software for the Commodore Amiga, we had our first official release in 1991 with a small collection of Public Domain games.

With the untimely demise of the Amiga looming, it was decided to change focus and move from writing software for Amigas to writing software for PCs. By 1997 we had acquired our first PC, It was a 266Mhz Celeron with 32mb of Ram, a 3.2Gb HDD and a 4mb 3d Graphics card!

It took a few years to get to grips with the new systems capabilities and differences from what we had been working with; but things slowly came together, although nothing much was released this was the period when a couple of bright ideas were sparked that would later on become the cornerstones of a lot of the stuff we write today.

2010 saw us gaining an online presence with the acquisition of the WotC domain and the creation of the first version of this website.

Another change of focus came in 2011 when we shifted our core language again, this time from TGC’s Dark Basic Pro to it’s newer stablemate AGK. This opened up a whole new market for us in the shape of mobile apps.

2013 saw our first release on the Google Play store, with the Ninja Name Generator. And we have gone from strength to strength since then.

What wonders do the future hold? Watch this space is all I’m going to say

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