Best Night Light Christmas Message

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s only a few days till Christmas now, and this is pretty the last thing I do before I lock up the office and go home to spend the festive season with my family 🙂

So I’d like to say Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to each and every one of you, as well as an absolutely MASSIVE Thank you who has downloaded Best Night Light!

If you follow Best Night Light on Facebook, you’ll probably have noticed that we reached 1,000,000 downloads this July! Which is absolutely amazing for me, lol. I feel like a rock star! 😀

We also have some huge news regarding Best Night Light, there is a huge update planned for the new year. Not only are we freshening up the UI, and adding new background sounds and lava lamp colour schemes, but we are also rebranding! Best Night Light will have a new name soon!

Please follow Best Night Light on Facebook for more news about the update!

Until next time!

I’ll be back next year with news about the update for Best Night Light (Including the new name!) so until then, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a brilliant new year!

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