Bitmap Font Creator

In app advertising…

As part of the new and improved Bitmap Font Creator, we are considering adding advertising to the app using a provider like Google Adsense. The adverts will be unobtrusive, and will not detract from the experience of using our software.

Here is an example of the ad’s we would be using.

We’d like to hear if you guys have any suggestions or feed back about this? Please comment below.

More news to follow.

Help me O-BMFC-Wan!

Excuse the tenuous Starwars pun, but the 1st draft of the BMFC help files were released today on the BMFC WIP Thread on the TGC Forums.

We’re currently up to the 5th Alpha release now, thank you to all of you who have contributed towards testing and bug fixing, and an extra huge thank you to everyone who has >donated<

First successful output from BMFC…

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the official first ever output from the WotC Bitmap Font Creator.

Click on the image above to see it in it’s full size, and of course feel free to use it in your own projects.

It’s a simple 2 colour gradient filled text.

Slow but steady progress…

As the new Alpha release of the Bitmap Font Creator draws ever nearer, it gives us great pleasure to release these sneaky preview images of the new WinAPI User interface.

BMFC Splash Screen


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