Best Night Light News

News about the update

I know we said we were aiming to have the Best Night Light update finished by the 1st of July, but sadly that day has been and gone and still we sit here in the dark musty corners of WotC towers coding away into the small hours.

I’m happy to say that all the hard work is paying off though and we have a very nice update shaping up for you.

We’ll announce the release on all the usual social media channels as soon as it’s live in the stores. But realistically we are looking at probably another two weeks yet before its finished

Other news

I’m also happy to announce that Best Night Light is currently installed on over 30,000 devices across the globe! That’s as many people as fit in our local football stadium! It’s nice to see so many people are using our app and leaving (mostly) positive feedback on the reviews.

We’ve also not forgotten about the fantastic prize giveaway we have planned to coincide (more or less) with the release of the new Best Night Light update! More news about this soon!

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