June News Update


Hello World,

Well, June certainly been a month for exciting news what with Apple announcing iOS 11 and a plethora of other beautifully sleek but hideously expensive hardware, and the E3 over in Los Angeles which saw lots of exciting new games and consoles announced. We’re all PlayStation here at WotC Towers, so the news of a new XBone isn’t as earth shattering as it is to some, but Bethesda’s announcement of Fallout 4 VR is something which caused sweaty palms and palpitations!

Who knows, when next year’s show season rolls round again, we may even have a stand there?

Anyway, enough blue sky thinking, on to the here and now…


We recently ran a survey for users of Best Night Light, allowing us to find out a little bit more about them and giving them a chance to voice their opinions on how we could make Best Night Light better.

We had an overwhelming response. The survey helped reinforce the general feedback we’d already got from users reviews and emails we’ve received.

Work is now well underway on the update. Starting first with an overhaul of the look of the app, to make room for new timer controls on each of the light modes and to give Best Night Light a fresher more modern appearance.

We’re hoping to have the update finished and released on July 1st, so stay tuned for more news about that as it happens. If you can’t wait then maybe join our team of beta testers by sending an email to us >here<.

We were also happy to have “Online Junction” feature Best Night Light on their YouTube channel. It’s a simple preview of what to expect from the app from installation through to using the various modes.

I’d like to thank Sangeeth Kanna who recorded the video and brought it to my attention.

This game started out as a “Game in a Week” challenge, before it was overcomplicated beyond all recognition by our resident ideas guy. It’s an endless zombie shooter where you have to fend off waves of putrid undead and try and stay alive as long as possible (Ammo and zombies permitting 😝 lol).

This was the first thing we’ve ever posted about online with a #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. It seems to have been received well by the Indie Developer community.

We’re hoping it will be a fun packed zombie slaying fest for you all to enjoy. Although it won’t be our usual PEGI 3 rating!

Those of you who do visit our Facebook page will probably have noticed the new store we have. From here you have way access to all our titles split into groups by platform.

I’d also like to thank all of the exciting new followers we have! Thanks to the hard work of Dave, who selflessly spent hours glued to social media channels spreading the word! (Its’s work Boss, honest!)

Thanks to his diligence however, we’re happy to welcome aboard…

Extra special congratulations to Valentina Hincapié (@valena_95) for being our 100th follower on Twitter 😊

And also James Wilde for being the only new g+ follower!

We’ll try and keep your feeds full of funny and inventive stuff 😀

For those of you who haven’t yet followed us, then what are you waiting for? Here are some handy links to follow to get to the relevant pages 😀


Since I originally wrote this post, our Twitter following has increased further (Currently at 224 followers!) So I would also like to Welcome Beard Studios (@BeardStudiosDev) as our 200th follower

Best of the web

Talking of funny and inventive stuff, here is this month’s round up of the little clips which made us chuckle or just plain impressed.

I think this is a brilliant idea. I cannot say how much I would like to have a triple screen setup like that for my monitor!

We’re all very excited by this sneaky glimpse of something new (and very retro looking) from the Atari stable


Well, that brings me to the end of another information packed news update. All I have left to do now is to finish a few graphics and get it all uploaded to the website.

I hope you’ll join us again next month for more news and updates from here at the Warriors of the Cucumber. 😊

Until next time

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