March News Update…


Hello World,

It feels like a while since I last wrote one of these; Christmas has been and gone, and the Winter is starting to fade away, and the beginnings of Spring are upon us. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in…


Work is progressing steadily the last couple of months. A few weeks ago we had three separate parts, The Menu’s, The basic gameplay, and the hangar scene; Now all three have been combined into one playable part! It’s still quite a way off being finished, but here’s where we’re at so far..

All efforts this last couple of weeks have been on creating new media assets for background scenery around the arena. The picture below shows the current progress (The white cube in the middle is just a placeholder, marking out where the Arena will go)

If you are interested in hearing more about the development side of things, there is a Snakerunner DevLog >here<

The next tasks, once the scenery is finished, will be to get the challenges working, progressing through the levels, and getting the rest of the menu system working.

Best Night Light:

Best Night Light Banner

Lot’s of Best Night Light news this month. There seems to be no stopping our popular night light app!

Firstly, barely a week into the new year, we reached 200000+ downloads! We feel like rock stars! 😊

Secondly, plans are afoot for a new update for Google Play and Amazon. This update sees the introduction of soothing background sounds and some new colour sets for the lava lamp as well as the usual bug fixes.

The third and possibly most exciting thing this month is that work is underway preparing for releasing Best Night Light on the iOS store!

Keepy Uppy King

Boom!! Straight in at the top of the Keepy Uppy King score board!! Congratulations to LargeGorilla85397 on their astonishing score! beefycfc is now in 2nd, and the12thplaya is in 3rd!

If you’ve not tried Keepy Uppy King, then feel free to download it free, from Google Play!

Get It On Google Play!


And that’s all we have time for this month. I hope to see you all in the next update around the end of April.

Until next time..


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