New ‘Best Night Light’ Update is out today!

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Best Night Light Update

Today we have rolled out a new version of Best Night Light to the Google Play store*. This update contains mostly bug fixes but we have managed to squeeze in a couple of additions for you all!

The first new thing is the option to remove the bokeh particles from the Lava Light. (The bokeh are the little white circles which move across the screen). There have been a couple of requests for this feature, so we have added it 🙂

The second new thing, isn’t really a new thing at all. It’s the welcome return of the Trophies! There are 6 to collect, but what exactly you have to do to unlock them is hidden.

Best Night Light is available from the Google Play Store, click the link below…

Get It On Google Play!

* Amazon App Store update coming soon. iOS release coming soon.

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