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It seems spring is well and truly upon us here in the UK, for the last few days now the skies have been blue, the road sides are alive with daffodils and tulips, and the wildlife seems to have woken up from its winter slumber.

The first thing I need to do is apologise for the lack of news and updates from us for the last couple of months. This has been caused mostly by a lack of news worthy news and update worthy updates. Although we have been busy with various things, it’s taken us a while before we’ve had anything really to show you! We shall try hard to be more interesting in the upcoming months.

The upside to this is that this update is bursting at the seams with news and stuff 😃


Work with Snakerunner is progressing slowly. Most of the User Interface has now been completed, there is still a couple of bits to finish and some extra polish to be added with things like button animation and extra sound effects.

It was hoped that there would be a video to demonstrate the UI but as I write this, it’s not yet been finished so here are some screen grabs of it to whet your appetite. Keep your eyes peeled though, as I’m sure it will be in the May update along with other exciting Snakerunner news! I can tell you however, that it is working properly with the new Samsung S8 super widescreen 18.5:9 aspect ratio although testing and fixing this did take up a day or two.

There has also been some time spent planning how to allow us to expand Snakerunner in the future with downloadable “Level Packs”, each featuring several new Tournaments, Challenges and levels to play!

There is even talk of a Snakerunner prize giveaway to celebrate its release, with a selection of prizes! Although nothing has been finalised yet, so as always follow us on Facebook, Twitter and G+ for more news as and when it happens 😊

Over the last couple of months, we have been going through our existing apps and games with a fine-tooth comb trying to weed out any remaining bugs and making sure that everything is as secure and up to date as we can.

Already this year we have pushed out updates to fix bugs in ‘Best Night Light’ and ‘Colour Name Quiz Advance’, and we are currently working on a recently discovered bug in ‘Percentage Resolution Tool’. These updates have purely been bug fixes and there have been no new features added this time round.>/p>

If you have found a bug in any of our software, or have any suggestions or comments/criticisms then please get in touch with us >here<

We are really proud of our night light app. It has now been downloaded over 100,000 times from Google Play and Amazon! We’re so happy with it that we even submitted it to the Amazon UK Developer Spotlight competition, the prize being our app being featured prominently on the amazon app store and in various amazon social media. So, fingers crossed 😊

Here are some of the nice things you people have said about Best Night Light.

Great app! Very versatile
– Randa Leonard

I use the night light when going to bed late so I don’t wake the wife with a bright light in the eyes. It is great just enough light so you don’t trip over something in the dark.
– Elton Hill

I really loved it!It helps me when ima sleeping I’ve had the worst nightmares you could ever dreamed of 😢And I’m only 10 But this is a award winning Night light Ps.The glitter one us the Best!
– Josie Jokez

Very useful, good timer, doesn’t waste a ton of battery
– Chaselyn Nielsen

Love love love!!
– Destiny Woodruff

There is also a new update to Best Night Light in the works. A few people have written to us asking for the timer function to be added to the Mood and Lava lamp modes, so that’s exactly what is going to happen. 😃 We are also looking into adding a few extra lava lamp colour schemes as well!

We are hoping that this latest update will be live on the Play Store and Amazon App Store at some point in May.

If you are a user of Best Night Light, then keep your eyes open, as we are going to be running a prize giveaway to celebrate the apps success!

It’s not too often that we feature some of our Windows software in the blog, but during our searches of YouTube one of us turned up this Video Tutorial for our ‘Bitmap Font Creator’ and how to use its output in the GameMaker Studio!

GameMaker Studio (v2 now available!) is a simple and intuitive Drag and Drop game development environment, created by ‘YoYo Games’

Our pool of test devices has increased recently with the addition of not only a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but also an Apple iPhone 7 plus! We’re happy to report that so far none of our apps to date have had any problems running on the curved screen of the Edge!

All our software is tested on as wider range of devices as possible, we have a selection of in house devices (Both android and iOS, tablet and mobile phone) as well as a team of dedicated beta testers who subject apps and games to a vigorous period before general release.

Sadly though, we are having to say goodbye to our bottom end Android test device. The Game Creators (The awesome people behind AGK, the language we use to write mobile software with) have decided to drop support for older ARM v6 cpu’s and below; So although our minimum spec for Android is still 2.3.3, it’s time to say good bye to the faithful Samsung Galaxy Y.


And that about wraps up this post. I’ll be back about this time next month (hopefully) with another (hopefully) fun packed and entertaining insight into what’s new and exciting in the world of the Warriors of the Cucumber.

Until next time.

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