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Hello World

Welcome to the May news update from the Warriors of the Cucumber.

The last few weeks have been lovely and sunny, with only the occasional bout of rain (I do live in the UK mind, so the rain at least is not unexpected, lol). The kind of weather that my Mum would make me go outside and play rather than sitting around the house coding on my old ZX Spectrum.

Fortunately, I’m much older and wiser now, and I have a laptop so I am free to do both 😊 Lol

Working on the blog outside in the garden

Fortunately, I’m much older and wiser now, and I have a laptop so I am free to do both 😊 Lol

It takes a surprising amount of time to write one of these blogs, and (much to the boss’ dismay) they are seldom quite finished when the deadline rolls round. The is it seems an awful lot more work involved in writing apps and games than just programming

This last few months have been an exciting delve into the realms of networking, marketing, and more recently web optimization and trouble shooting when I had to turn my hand to fixing the website during it’s downtime (but more on that later).

So, let me apologise for this update being a little late, and without further ado, on with the news


Website Update

We have recently upgraded our website to allow HTTPS connections to help keep our visitors safe and secure. You’ll notice we now have a little padlock icon somewhere near the address bar of your browser (It depends on which browser you’re using).

Our SSL Padlock in a browser

This means that whenever you are connected to our website all traffic to and from will be safely encrypted. 😊

Thanks to SEOSiteCheckUp.Com we have also given the website a thorough going over to optimize it not only to improve how easy it is to find our stuff online, but also to speed up the website to make your experience here better.

Unfortunately, as is often the way with these things, it led to a few hours of down time on the website (For the technically knowledgeable out there, apparently our new CDN, intended to speed up our website, was incompatible with the SSL certificate we’re using) but it’s all back up and running now.

Best Night Light

Our night light app, Best Night Light is by far our most successful app having been downloaded over 115,000 times on Google Play alone. As a big thank you to the users of Best Night Light, we recently thumbed down through all the reviews looking at what we can change to make it better for you.

Here are some of the ways we are looking at improving it already…

  • A few people have been asking for the timer to be added to the other two light modes, which we have done. We are also looking at making the range of timer values bigger.
  • New lava lamp colour modes.
  • Trophies! trophies to share with your friends.
  • A few people have complained about the adverts we use at the bottom of the screen, so in the new update we’re planning on giving you not one, but two different ways to remove the banner advert!
  • We are also trying to reduce the size of the next version after someone complained the app was too large :/ We’ve done a few technical things to make the app smaller, but have also added new features which may make it larger.

And sadly, a couple of things people have asked for which haven’t made it to this update.

  • Screen-casting, sadly this is not possible to add at the minute.
  • Background sounds/music.

We’ve also got a survey to be circulated later in the week, so if you could fill that in it would help us tremendously.


As part of our ever growing web presence, we’ve opened up an official Warriors of the Cucumber Pinterest account.

We plan on using Pinterest as a handy place to show and share Images demonstrating our software, like this.

Colour Name Quiz Advance

And this.

Click >Here< to go to our page, and please follow us and share our pins.

Cool stuff from the web

Best Night Light

A new feature for this news update, as we see funny, cool, or otherwise interesting stuff from around the web, we like to share it.

Here are some of our favourites from the month.

This finger gun shootout from “Tales of the Borderlands”, which reminds me very much of a similar shootout in a very old film called “Blackbeard’s Ghost”. Which, if you haven’t seen already, you should as it’s very funny.

I just couldn’t stop laughing at this slightly surreal video. If only Giraffe Theft Auto was an actual game! 😀 Lol


And with that, it brings us to the end of another fun packed and exciting news update. I hope to see you all again next month. (Or perhaps I should say later this month now, lol)

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