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August News Update

Intro Hello World, Here’s the August news update from the Warriors of the Cucumber. The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed the absence of last month’s update, I can only apologise for that and as of next month I’ve employed the services of Les (Chimpo Gigglefish from the Beta Test Team) to assist me …

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June News Update

Intro Hello World, Well, June certainly been a month for exciting news what with Apple announcing iOS 11 and a plethora of other beautifully sleek but hideously expensive hardware, and the E3 over in Los Angeles which saw lots of exciting new games and consoles announced. We’re all PlayStation here at WotC Towers, so the …

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May News Update

Intro Hello World Welcome to the May news update from the Warriors of the Cucumber. The last few weeks have been lovely and sunny, with only the occasional bout of rain (I do live in the UK mind, so the rain at least is not unexpected, lol). The kind of weather that my Mum would …

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January News Post..

Intro Hello world, I’d like to start this post by wishing you a happy new year! It seems like the holidays were a long time ago now, everything is returning to the usual routines. We’re all back and hard at work after a lovely couple of weeks off. The new year for me is a …

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